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What is a Harpscape?


Harpscapes is a project coined and created by Certified Therapeutic Harpist Nicole E. Anderson in May 2020. When the world was locked down due to the pandemic, Nicole began offering online stress relief through music and visuals. Harpscapes became a self-care routine for thousands of listeners, and they continue to offer a respite from everyday stressors.

𝅘𝅥𝅮 5-minute music and nature videos to aid in stress relief, relaxation, and uplift

𝅘𝅥𝅮 Perfect for deep breathing, meditation, a quick yoga practice, or simply a break from your busy day

What are the benefits?


As a Certified Therapeutic Musician and masters-level mental health practitioner, Nicole has an extensive background studying music's effect on the mind and body. In her development of Harpscapes, she puts the benefits of music to the forefront. Music played in this therapeutic style has been shown to aid in relaxation, sleep, stress relief, pain reduction, increased oxygen through the body, mental wellbeing, memory boost, uplift, spiritual connection, and more.

Also a mindfulness teacher and proponent of forest bathing, Nicole understands the health benefits of nature - much akin to the benefits of music. By combining her music with soothing nature visuals, the effects are then deepened and prolonged. A 5-minute Harpscape can instill feelings of wellbeing that last far beyond the duration of the video.

These benefits were put to the test in the Harpscapes Challenge, where participants watched a Harpscape, recording their heartrate before and after. The results showed an average decrease of 8.36 beats per minute. Furthermore, 100% of participants heart rates were within a normal, relaxed range after watching a Harpscape. A few participants even went above and beyond, submitting their blood pressures as well, which also all showed stabilization from watching a Harpscape.

A simple, effective addition to your self-care routine. Become a Harpscapes member today!


How is a Harpscape made?


99% of Nicole's visual footage is her own, taken on location in beautiful outdoor settings. She has dabbled in photography and videography for many years and loves being able to integrate this art with her music. On occasion, the visuals will be free licensed stock videos, mainly when the weather doesn't want to cooperate! When on scene, Nicole scopes out the most peaceful vantage points and sets up her camera equipment. She then uses the scenery as inspiration for a musical improvisation, which she records back in her studio for a high-quality audio production. The improvisational approach to these videos makes Harpscapes extra special. No one Harpscape is the same, and each reflects a moment in time, illustrating the transience of nature.

Want a sneak peek?

Featured Harpscape: "Myrtle Beach Sunrise"

You can also view more on the Harp & Wellness YouTube Channel

Free and paid membership options are available.

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