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Harpscapes Memberships is now on Buy Me A Coffee!!

Memberships are now convenient and streamlined, with more options to choose from. Get your dose of musical self-care in a way that works for you and fits your budget.

What's Buy Me A Coffee?

It's a website designed for artists, musicians, and other content creators to connect and share with their community. In this modern world, being an artist is a double-edged sword. We have endless platforms where we can share our creations, but algorithms and advertisements are too unreliable for income. Directly connecting with loyal supporters in a way that feels personal, not transactional, is Buy Me A Coffee's main mission. It allows content creators to share their gifts with the world, and for their audience to show their appreciation.

Why the switch?

Harpscapes began as a small offering in 2020 and has now grown to have over 1,000 viewers through YouTube, email, and the Harp & Wellness website. It's time for the membership platform to grow along with Harpscapes, and Buy Me A Coffee is a solution that's user-friendly for all. No more limited membership options and perks. No more lost emails. Just a place for Harpscapes lovers to connect and enjoy peaceful nature and music.


Get started with this membership, which offers a glimpse into the creation of weekly Harpscape videos.




Everything you love in a Harpscape: Relaxing music set to nature visuals. But, with the PLUS membership, you get more!




Unlock even more VIP bonuses to uplevel your musical self-care. Purchase an annual membership and get 2 months free!




This membership has it all, from Harpscapes to relaxing events and self-care sessions. Purchase an annual membership and get 2 months free!




Become a loyal member for life and always have access to musical self-care!

$599 lifetime

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More ways to support

One-time donations go directly toward the Harpscapes project, including instrument and equipment upkeep, on-scene filming, production, and website maintenance

Or purchase from a selection of digital Harpscapes products

Follow Harpscapes on Buy Me A Coffee by clicking the "Follow" button in the top right corner.

Or, subscribe to the Harp & Wellness YouTube channel.

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