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Nature's Music is a curated collection of Harpscapes improvisations that include nature sound effects. The sounds of nature deepen the soothing benefit of the therapeutic harp music, offering a journey of ultimate relaxation.


Included tracks:

1. Dreaming of Spring

2. Spring Trees

3. Babbling Brook and Blooms

4. Bamboo Music

5. Gentle Stream

6. On the Harbor

7. Storm Clouds and Seagulls

8. Mountain Cascade

9. Tree Frogs and Birds at the Grassy Pond

10. Dawn Mist

11. Signs of Winter in Summer

12. Misty Autumn Morning

13. Wooden Bridge in the Woods

Nature's Music

  • This album is under copyright by NEA Music, LLC and NEA Music Productions. Replication or commercial use of the album or any of its tracks is strictly prohibited.

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